Shadowed Light

Woke up feeling like it was darker than normal

light feeling over shadowed by lack of transparency

being told you are the truth so many times

that it begins to feel like the real statement

that I should hear from that is

“I am the lie”

while the truth does remind you of me in so many ways

how do you correlate to that meaning?

do you exude the same thoughts and emotions

do you even understand the difference between the two

I wish I could speak to you about my day and be heard

can you categorize what you do not understand

nor seek to

Could you lie to hurt and push away that one you love?

give them their best chance without you since you refuse

to give them a solid chance with you

work and other personal obligations that take precedence

those omissions that negate what could be real

those omissions that become the lies you do not tell

just the ones that are shown through action




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