Just A Day

Here is some truth

I am alone in this world

I am severely depressed

I wish I could share your sentiments

family, friends, celebrating and the feeling of holiday cheer

I walk into an empty house, looking back at the ghost in the mirror

this specter that I have become due to pain and devastation

Once progress has been made, there should be a change

from the wandering mind that claims no home

while rest comes to the multitude of individuals

my dreams are another life, blurring reality due to being lucid

and even then more and more incidents of anguish or stagnation

revelations that come to the mind, body, and soul

spoken from the same entities yet lived

through me

over twenty-four years of living multiple lives

recollections of moments that have already passed

more commonplace than a surprise

I long for dreams that just are subconscious desires

I desire a reality that gives reprieve to pain



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