Revision of a Muse

What was stated before does not matter

not in this moment, not in this place

all those pent-up moments, all that held back tension

unleashed upon me

unleashed upon you

scratches made deeper and deeper

while we are at it, use the alcohol to ease the wounds

on my back, your kiss eases the scars of my heart

your screams and moans are music to my ears

giving the rhythm to my strokes and with that you hold

the key to me in the most physical and passionate form

too many nights without your warmth

too many mornings awoken without your smile

or at least without being able to hold your body

roll over and ravage your body

take and have my way with your body

I wanna taste every bit of nectar you have from

the river of ecstasy that flows within you

ebony drip or chocolate candy

well just for me, you are that ebony queen

that chocolate goddess

that delectable entity that I cannot get enough of

even though I have yet to partake in what feels like forever

whether I fall into the coma of you

whether I am left without you

despite the worst

despite desiring the best

for us

whether together or apart

whether emotionally you tear me down

no matter how much I long for you to build me up

I desire you

regardless you will always remain my muse


2 thoughts on “Revision of a Muse

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  1. I enjoyed this poem. Am I sadist for enjoying it? I hope not. I understand wanting what hurts or is not working out or is not accessible or not reciprocated. Some variation. This is a proverbial tug of war with one’s heart strings. This sounds painful, but where love is concerned for many folks (I don’t know if you’re one of them), even hell with one’s “beloved” is more pleasurable than heaven with someone one doesn’t truly love (makes me think of “Down Here In Hell With You” by Van Hunt). And also reminds me a bit of Midsummer Nights’ Dream, how Helena is a glutton for Demetrius’ rebuffs or ill treatment. The heart wants what it wants, period. Sorry for my thesis. And Happy New Year!

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    1. LOL You aren’t a sadist for enjoying it. Sometimes this is just how life is, while you might be in pain, your body knows who it wants and who will satisfy those needs and that’s just what it is sometimes


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