My New Walk

I’ve battled through this door, this block of hardwood, concrete, ice, and cement and now I am in a place that I am familiar with but the aura keeps me keen with my senses. I thought I was on a new path, a different life, but after I committed the courage, it requires me to walk alone once again. Alone in the physical, my spiritual presences have grown and I am thankful for their appearance. Strength of nurturing and power of knowledge and wisdom, given to me from the greatest influences in my life that can’t even be seen. A warm feeling comes over my body when I hear her voice, my body heals quicker, my mind reacts faster, and I am more powerful for the moments she walks with me. He stays over me day by day, blessing me with the thoughts; the courage, the strength and his power to move forward day by day and constantly fight off the temptation to submit myself to an ultimate sin that will never be forgiven. Day by day for years, I carried this burden alone, was instructed that I must announce it to surpass it because I will not be able to alone, I need someone for that. All in all, I am not straying from my path to spiritual growth, energy training and growth, and ultimately enhancing my spiritual being far past the point I am now. Through constant struggles and battles with those who wish to bring me down, not in a body that I can see in front of me, but only to attack me in the shadows of my dreams. Removing that from the picture, this is a new path, I have reconnected with part of my strongest parts, and I have a renewed vigor on life but also success and achieving what are to be my goals


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