Speak Up

I will give you a secret, an untold tale of what you may already want to know

the one who shows you that real attention

your feelings he desires to know

not on some manipulative level just to lubricate his entry inside of you

much rather he rather dive within your innermost depths

to be there to keep it safe from those who would take advantage of it

interesting discussion about the patriarchy of men

we do feel the need to be a provider and we seek a partner

we do desire to be a protector and we wish to have someone have our back

tell me your secrets that live in your actions, tell me these feelings

so that I might let you feel so much more than just a wanting

you thought this was purely about emotional attachment

I beg to differ

tell me those fantasies that you desire, those intimate moments you wish to share

let me know the way that you wish your toes to curl

the way you wish your juices to flow

and you wish for me to begin the geyser to flow from your river

I am a firm believer in us being the tools for one another

to use, fix, and repair all the pain and loss that we once lived within

the point is to let love and admiration take away

those failures from before, fear and apprehension need not apply

also keeping those desires and innermost thoughts and feelings bottled up

creates a barrier that just keep apart peace and happiness

those who seek to understand you should be granted that chance

those you seek to understand, give yourself that chance

in the end, open your mouth

silence is overrated



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