Notebook Chronicles #3

Immediate reflection and retrospective
but diving inside and between the lines
If we are going to begin this year anew
changes will start from within and spill through
no longer should we focus on the way things were
mainly thinking on how it should be
simple, calm, fulfilling and real
just something always moving forward
even while we are just being still together
no drastic moves or big gestures always needed
I want to be appreciated for
the care and concern
that I give
people dismiss the little things as trivial
and wait for the big gestures
as proof of intention
instead of seeing the pure intent
in the little things
the smaller and more consistent actions
that take more thought to continue
on a regular consistent basis
these take more care and concern
real emotions and the time to learn
how someone else feels on a normal basis
but women miss that
Dismiss that one unless
they already want their attention
I like to know the lady I desire
is well taken care of and my first attempts
are focused on making it so.

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