Notebook Chronicles #4

A great deal of thoughts remain incomplete
except for the one that refers to you
always can brighten up my day
refresh my outlook on time
the very rare woman
whose beauty can be seen inside and out
my first impression properly wasn’t the greatest
for that matter not the second or third
Either way it goes
my eyes cannot leave you
when you walk by my way
I am sorry but a smile like yours
you can not just turn away
your poise and grace
even the care in which you use your voice
is incredible
attraction far past physical
I would love to learn and grow with you
know all about you
continue finding more and more
there has to be a well of the greatest
of all of God’s accomplishments
that molded you into the person I see now
One of those type of masterpieces
that is a life project
Just to have the start
of a conversation
to begin to understand
what you like and love
would bring me joy and give me a light
that would not rival yours
that glow of passion and joy
new memories to adore


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