Notebook Chronicles #5

I miss that conversation, that one you have when you feel patient, calm, cool, collected, you just want to talk about your day. say what bothered you and in what way, that one you feel you need to have to go along with the sun going down, that type of conversation that lets you truly wind down. I miss that level of engagement, honestly can’t remember the last time, my phone rang and it was that sweet voice for me on the other side of the line, like back in the day when you would sneak and pick up the phone quickly off the hook, hoping parents did not hear the ring, and then lay in bed all night and just be. Be the new love interest or revisited flame, did not really matter at that point if you had the title or name, you just enjoyed the conversation, the mental vacation where you would disappear into learning someone else and just forget about the rest, yes, I miss that the most.

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