Notebook Chronicles #6

The want for transparency is a lie, it is the new truth to our lives, those close to you really rather hear how well you are, do not want to hear how painful your thoughts are, then we wonder why death comes as a surprise, call the individual selfish, when we were the ones too busy with our own lives, to take the moment and actually create the conversation, in a society where you are told don’t say that, keep it in, and we expect people to burst open without hesitation, but the real hesitation is speaking to someone in the start, it is not always the easiest to release. Most people lack that true confidant, that one they can speak to no matter what without judgment or fail, most “friends” claim to judge not, yet those are the ones who go run and tell, would you believe me and think it is more real if I told you of an old tale, that I am one of those caught between the thought of life and death, the thought that brings together worthless and self, in direct correlation to the ability and designation, of what my life has been worth, would it affect you then to know I wonder about the importance of my birth, gifted with words and more yet destined to stay stagnant worse than war, I’m just speaking from truth, this is the way of life these days, more judgement and less understanding, more punishment and violence and less communication, less respect and less value in each other, should not take multiple tragedy upon another to see the problem, attack it head on and feel proud to do so, I’m just speaking as poor talent, hoping to make others rich with knowledge……..


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