Notebook Chronicles #7

I remember the days when it stood out to be a man of character

I remember when a man could show his gentle side and it be welcomed

a treat, something to see, something to adore and to cherish

not only those sincere moments with children

those proud moments of being a father

little tea parties with the daughter

I am speaking on those intimate moments where a man is unguarded

Those moments when two adults are fully open and surrender

a lack of appreciation on both sides is prevalent today

gentlemen and virtuous women are looked over in every way

that woman who truly cares desires to pursue the one who will not

the man who wishes to have a Queen, pursues the one with no elegance

Is the blame on media?

or is the blame on pain?

Too often in this age, people run to hide

versus staying and fight

much easier to deal with what might come easy

to start

truth is, these are wasted efforts

neither one is willing to fight to keep it together

though those that should come about

with patience, understanding, and a development of the heart

those are looked past, disregarded, and thrown to the sharks

a true metaphor as these sharks eat not of the flesh

but these sharks live inside of the heart and mind, controlling the rest

whether past disappointment, love lost, pain, despair, and fear of failure

The irony is those sharks live in more success

destroying the best chances

Than the relationships that come about from the simplest glances

The truth can hurt

yet the lies we tell ourselves hurt more

running away from what can be

scared to ask questions and find out what the real answer might be

we create our own questions, answers, and in the end resolutions

then wonder why we are still sitting there alone searching for a solution

to the empty situation that we carefully created for ourselves

open eyes and hearts are dwindling

now a known commodity

hence why the appreciation of virtue and chivalry

is just absent in the minds of the majority


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