Notebook Chronicles #9

All thoughts that trail behind my heart
walks on a sleeve of its own
we stay apart
While my brain hopes and dreams of love come true
my heart has walked away, packed bags, ticket punched
walking to you
This is beyond the belief of attached souls
or it could be that old courtship of old
move mountains and come to you and your aid
I admire and admonish how boldly it walks
break after break covered up with just a bandage
Tear after tear
tape up the break and keep pushing forward
I just walk behind, I will let him lead again this time
over and over we have our struggle
as much as I try to deter him
there is no breaking his focus
this mind wants to abandon being a gentleman
the heart shows me you can not stop being
who you are
being hurt is not a reason to stray from your call
once you have discovered your truth
lying to yourself is of no use


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