Notebook Chronicles #10

I will take my time today
during lunch
breakfast and dinner
use all the time and live inside of this moment
make my home and my peace
those moments together
there are reasons chocolate is so sweet
addictive, tentative, and I appreciate all of yours
the way my lips aim to make your toes curl
dive inside of your world deeply
held tight by arms and thighs
do not release, I do not wish to move
If you feel you need to hold me tighter to reach your peak
tighten your grip
hold me strongly past the point you think it would hurt me
this is as much for me and it is for you
I gain true pleasure in your moans
in your screams
those gasps of air that you can not seem to get
slow down slow down
in and out
come back out the moments of gasping for air
but just for the moment
I wish to take your breath away again
this time I will take all of you a new way
take your mind and your emotions to new heights
by expressing love and gratitude
catering to you the way you need
professing my understanding and knowledge of you
with my actions, words, and considerations
My reward
is your smile
my Queen I need to make you proud
Not only to make your moans loud
but also your screams
from passion or surprise
tailor days to your desires and watch them unfold
pleasure can be mental and physical
emotional and spiritual
not only do I want the taste of you dripping from my tongue
I want the thoughts of being better to you running through my mind
I told you
I love a woman who knows she should be devoured


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