Notebook Chronicles #11

I love this song
this tune
this rhyme
this tone
the way I quickly learned
the instrument
I desire
to become more efficient
a professional so to speak
to master the ways
to make you moan
reach that peak
my tongue being the strings
I seek to make you dance
my lips and hands for added control
become my marionette
let pleasure guide you down this road
I learn the ways to
make toes curl
an arched back
hips twist
legs squeeze
heavy breathing
will not let you try to break the strings
my grip is tight too
vocal sounds produced
music to my ears
getting to that point of no return
hands on the top of my head
now it is my turn
to be your puppet
while you pull my strings
letting your reactions
lead the way
to where your body sings
hits that high note
at the peak of the song
but this is just the beginning
ding ding that’s the bell
round two is on…


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