Notebook Chronicles #12

She needs to know that it is not over
know that her heart will move on and be repaired
know that her smile still seeks a lover
the type that she always feared
the way of the world is
interesting to say the least
we fear the greatest of gifts
and run towards the nature of the beast
Towards those things that show the obvious
show us that pain is in their eyes
not their own but for them to give
and we take comfort and shelter in their lies

If I could tell the tale, I would not
If I could mend the veil, I should not
this type of growth comes from a revelation
within herself, her love steady and patient

She wants to know that she is beautiful
that woman who takes your breath away
she wants to be the one who enters your soul
gaze into her eyes and never sway
Remain consistent and maintain to be
who you are
what you are
the man who pursued her heavily
She should fight you to gain access
just to her life
she expects your quit exit
prove to her, she is more than a shining light

This fence is not to be rebuilt
This wall is not coming down easily
Press your hands against the brick
When she lets you, it will show visibly

She needs to understand she is loved
wanted and needed and more
Queen, virtue, grace, and humility
Wisdom, intelligence, patient, and more than beauty
It is more about the knowing of the emotion
not just the telling of the words
it is about the spirit feeling the commotion
to where it can let go off the world
It is one thing to have someone offer it to you
another thing to realize you do not need it too
She will be the center of yours
give her so much more
does not matter if you put it in her hands
take her to all the new lands
show her the difference
between living in hurt
living in love
the world is much brighter for you
just maybe you can show her what is new


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