Notebook Chronicles #13

I thought I owed you an explanation, a discussion, maybe it is just an answer
you wondered before how I can make you into my private dancer
even though I am the puppet for you
there are a great deal of benefits too
I am not the type to impress you with gold and jewels
I am just the one who will show you how I love you with no rules
No day should go by where you wonder about how I feel
No moment will occur when you wonder if my love is real
Many moments will occur when your body produces adrenaline
The way I will take care of your body, you might think it is a sin
Persuade your body to give you feelings you forgot existed
kiss, lick, taste, suck, yes I plan to make your pleasure my business
not only in that sense, I want to entice your mind
Take you on journeys away from the world, yet we stay in the same time
show you things far past the thoughts of a vivid imagination
to bring you joy and happiness is my new occupation
With all this in my mind you wonder how we will last
could it be a quick roller coaster ride that is over in a flash
there is a thing about dedication to keeping a cause
you will find out the true gift of loving and growing without pause
Whether it be through moments that you can not forget
or feelings that linger during the day, creating instances you will not regret
my goal is to satisfy mind, body, and spirit
as well as show love has no limit.


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