Notebook Chronicles #14

I take you there to those places where no one else can move you to. I do not doubt this truth; your body tells me no lie. My hands approaching create chills; your body desires to drink of me and salivates at the thought of bodily consumption. Between the two of us there is passion that drives others to madness; when they can be only witnesses and then they have moments of sadness. To see how emotion can take pleasure that much further; to the point to where excitement has no limit, to hide from me you have no cover. I not only can tease you physically but I also develop your mind to feel and yearn for me at the drop of a dime. But I do not tempt to not allow you your release; I stay giving you more than you thought your body could take. Yet it craves another explosion, that next wave to crash upon the shore, it begs me please and you say no words. Just kiss and hold me tighter, never wanting to let me go and I merely hold you tighter and that lets you know. That this is not even about our physical connection but what happens when our energy gets close to one another, because for the two of us, there is no other. That can create this flame that currently engulfs us two, let us enjoy this wave.


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