Notebook Chronicles #18

I love the smile you always seem to carry, I remember it

I love the drive that you always own proudly, I admire it

Just to state the obvious, you are beautiful beyond compare

Can not take my eyes away from yours

If only

they were in front of me, I could peer deeper into your soul

get to learn you more

and continue to adore

I truly wish we had the time

in between your life and mine

to figure out if we can walk this line

I really just want to be blessed

to give you my best

to partake in your fine wine

It is not just your beauty that attracted me

It is not just your figure I want to dive into as well

I want to explore not only the ways to please you

but the ways to understand you

care for you

enjoy you in all manners and ways

and then continue to acquire growth

in both time and understanding

less in distance and being strangers


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