Notebook Chronicles #20

I was hoping to be that person who caught you off guard

let you know what I was thinking

then change the cards

I wanted to remind you that things can happen

when you least expect it

make you understand

I am the man you really underestimated

from the beginning you did not see

how powerful me and you could be

how much the world would hate the thought of you and I

some light is so bright

it can even burn the sky

Now I do not need a special day to open your eyes

truth be told this is just another moment

I aim to capitalize

upon the fears and doubts that swirl in your mind

Introducing you to dreams you left behind

in your childhood and those moments when naivety ran strong

just here to prove to you as an adult

that ambition was not wrong

the drive and determination you own

is just another jewel in your crown

virtue and dignity

grace and beauty

I just want to show you how much you embody

inspire and empower



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