Notebook Chronicles #22

Long before we met our time had been set
we were guaranteed this chance
our moment to get
so on our two paths we continued
though the road became narrow and skewed
for one of us maybe not both
in the end
there lost a passenger on this boat
this voyage we were taking
in turn led to our encounter being a mistake then
and now we are too close to the truth
that even before we met I knew
that in the end
we should not have met us two
there are points in lives that we both have crossed
where I found the path forward
you remained lost
not to say that I can not help you progress
the thing about it though
you have to want the help and want pride less
because that pride can keep you alone and cold
looking around in life and feeling old
this is what happens when you remain a child
the point of growing up is to only experience it a while
immaturity is not the way of an adult
unfortunately though, that can not be said of a lot of folks
I just wanted you to know that I am glad of this plan
I really did wish to hold your hand
think of you daily and wish I could kiss your cheek
I am sorry
my progression in life
said that we should never meet


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