Notebook Chronicles #23

I am going to focus more on being who I am
than who you believe me to be
who you deem I should be
just because of your personal perception of me
the way you twist your own words to show false intrigue
I suppose this is the you that you want me to see
the person who rather talk down versus lift up
the person who rather spread doubt than be that confidant
person who rather be the skeptic at all times
if you have been lied to so much
you definitely now own the lines
yet you still rather rehearse them and put them on a new face
even if this person has shown you all grace
no pace
too slow
too fast
the truth of the matter is your love would not last
you rather continue being the child of the mind
rather than growing with your time
truth be told before we met I left you behind
in the end of it all, I would only waste our time
seeing you and learning to know you would hurt you more
because you would realize what you lost was what you adored
that one longing that you always wanted
with no strings attached and hurting you
in the end
you rather continue making bad decisions that you own
than make good decisions, from those you run
Again I can not be who you want me to be
I can not be the person you think I am
be the person who you wish of me
I am so much more than your average man
More than the man you give me credit for
unfortunately as well I am also the man never walking through
your door


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