Notebook Chronicles #24

This morning I felt a well of shame
and in the deepest parts of my heart
to see these young men and even some older
yield to their own selfishness
than create the inconvenience to be chivalrous
I had to take a step back and turn my head
embarrassed that I might possibly be looked upon
as one of the same
It is a shame
that some do not realize that chivalry
takes sacrifice
or even more pathetic, that they know
but rather stay in the purely selfish life
when a woman can show more courtesy to a woman
than the group of men or dare I say boys
sitting beside her
Truth is, to show your character
you must set self aside
think it is better for you to walk on the outside
if danger arises then you are the one to be harmed
please believe it is an honor to have a lady take your arm
we stand when graced with the presence of a Queen at our table
You would think these individuals forgot their manners
I want to educate more around me about being better
better than what you show on the outside
better than what your environment attempts to make you
have to stop looking at our Queens with our own anger and bitterness
concluding that majority of women are not even worth it
I attest that you should encourage those women
who you feel are not worth your effort
then continue to show the rest
why you should be worth their effort
It is beyond my understanding
why those who stand to not be a gentleman
have a problem with a woman who does not uphold herself a Queen
to me
it sounds like the both of you are wasting potential
yet you do not life each other up, just continue being demeaning
With your mouth profess life, love, growth and maturity
If you rather not
then you are no better than the ones you look down upon constantly


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