Notebook Chronicles #25

Ever wondered why the sound your feet makes when walking alone, can resonate so loudly that it makes it a deafening tone

It becomes that loud, large, booming sound, even if there are cars and noises all around

Tortured to hear this lingering escalation of the sound that comes from self, it is more of a mental expression of what is felt

This feeling of being alone in the world, this passionate loner

the more it continues, the more the passion lingers

the more passion lingers, the longer it feels before absolution

Imagining that soon these walks can have company

belief dwindling that you will stop being so lonely

friends and family do not fill the hole

more so a quick bandage that soon turns old

Those who do not hear the noise walk with their head held high

those who hear the pounding all the time

their eyes low, their prayers and words to the sky


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