Aches and pains

twisting and turning

this blanket feels colder somehow

this fabric stings just a little bit more


first moments, kisses in the dark

kisses in the light

disappearing from the world

in each other’s arms

in the presence of one another

laughing until it hurts

loving so it would no longer hurt

she was the greatest part of the day

evening and night

felt good to embrace the love in life


harsh spit

filled with blood and silent tears

gums bleeding, swollen lips

pierced skin, scars that will forever live

broken hearts, broken parts

of this house that once was a home

of possessions used as projectiles

glass thrown, bottles and bags aimed

cold nights and even colder days

within the present

exhausted body, exhausted mind

tired of the consistent grind


her, the one who showed love

the one who showed appreciation

consideration and adoration


she will exist no more

has been gone for a long time

those things which shape your mind

create pain in moments of time.


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