Notebook Chronicles #26

Over and over and over and over and over and over again
running around and around and around and wondering when it will end
starting at the end and ending at the beginning, forgetting what has been done
laughing at the while at the ride, the carousel that never stops
Pure insanity happening while living with round and round thoughts
I wonder, I wonder what will change in the coming days
You ponder and ponder, the ways to keep doing things the same
remember and recollect the moments when it became this way
time itself feels banded together as if repeating the same day
Yet this is not the issue
this is not the problem
this is only the test
the way of life that is best
the consistent action is meant to be a catalyst
bring something new without any protagonist
you already play the villain
you hinder yourself
believing the right way is the same way
that has hurt you so much before
become your own hero
take yourself out of the cycle
let that which you cannot control become the antagonist
start living your life now better than the rest


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