Inspiration and Attraction

It is a sort of trance

a silent dance

minute by minute

remain enveloped in it

time feels as if it slows

I am the only one who knows

even without a voice

I make a swift choice

interest garnered due to attraction

wanting to know more, grow admiration

pay attention to the details

a change in your hair, the paint on your nails

what shoes accent your frame

the subtlety in the way you say my name

a thank you for those simple things

while not needed, the way the words ring

brings appreciation into the light

I can continue smiling into the night

enjoying the little moments

patiently waiting, interesting in things going

further than just being known casually

interested in the longevity

the truth that looks fade always true

always remembering the initial beauty of you

from when we first met, first spoke

accepting inspiration now from hope



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