Notebook Chronicles #28

I enjoy the game-play of it all, the certain way the deck has been stacked against me. The intrigue that comes from being the underdog and the feeling of the rising phoenix when I live through the flames; I enjoy it all. I remember the smell of exhaust and burnt wood and flesh, it is then I look upon my own and realize I have none left. For all that I was once before has been removed and now I stand here a skeleton blackened as the night yet I stand in the sun and do not dance under moonlight. I will be renewed and grow again while living in the sun, I want to remember the warmth again, as if my skin has returned. I want to remain bare to the world and show that there are no bones in my closet. I want to be brutally honest and yet show the kindness of the heart revealed through cages. Intermediate emotions are no longer withheld, if I care for you, you will know, if I do not, then you will be able to tell. The only thing about me you will not know is how I will surprise you, make your eyes dance to me and show you things you never knew. Becoming a trickster from a skeleton, not entirely my goal, more of a magician from a peddler and yet I will not steal your gold. I am playing with more symbolism here than the actual words convey, the images I want to show are really the thoughts I want to say. Picture these masterpieces all walking in their own line, then picture you know not the author when you read every time. If that makes more of a difference to you then my work is complete, I do not wish acclaim or glory for my speech. The words alone are not purely my own, I was blessed with wisdom; I just am the vessel of the song.


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