Notebook Chronicles #30

The moment you realize you have no worth to others, those times when you understand that your thoughts and feelings are irrelevant to those who care not to understand. Much easier to use self imposed strategy even when you do not comprehend the anguish so I laugh inside when I try to believe that am listened to, that I really have an ear to vent to, in the end my words are just more to judge me for, doubt me more, and continue to close more doors. For my opportunities crash into my optimism and when the vessel crashes, reality shatters my desired expectations. I forget about this man I once was, this specimen of potential that has lost trust, in others, and even sometimes myself. Everyone else expects my plan to fail, so I keep my dreams at the dock, never to set sail. If you are wondering why my silence speaks more volumes than my voice, you are reading the proof now because if I believed it was important to say, the wise man in me would.


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