Notebook Chronicles #33

Introductions do not usually last on for longer than a moment

brief, sweet, casual and moving forward

yet this one lingered for days, then weeks, then maybe even a month

before it really ended with purely a touch

you took my hand without prompt

that began the spark

or maybe it was the twinkle in your eyes

the bright sparkle when you would say “Hi”

catching me off guard like never before

I honestly had no idea of what was in store

Some of the best moments of my life

approaching you cautiously

honestly I was scared of your reply

Then we began what turned into greatness

I was such a mess

though I attempted to do my best

I wanted to keep you happy

walk together through every experience

I take even the pain as a blessing, it hurt so right

memories flood my mind of your hand in mine

that embrace you gave me once

I never felt so safe

your arms gave me comfort that I have yet to feel again

someone who showed and produced love so strong

It is amazing alone that it went wrong

You gave me true appreciation

fell in love with the reality of me

became enticed by the perception

yet grew to love passionately

moments where we stood together

your eyes closed

living in the moment

I adore that reaction

I say it presently because I still keep that same admiration

I miss your voice

it took a while for me to realize it

took me hearing it again before it slapped me

after all this time

I still miss hearing that voice

we would talk so much

spend so much time

I apologize for my shortcomings

I can only I have paid for them over time

Just thinking of you and wanted to make it known

You never left my heart, inside you will always have a home


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