Slow Speed Chase

Strong appreciation towards your allure and poise

the name, Mercedes, commands certain level of respect

at this juncture address me Rolls-Royce, it is great that we met

this is just a little bit of witty banter between two of the seconds

who both know the way to enjoy time, enjoy a meal, and desserts

in the game of seduction, while merely a pawn is overlooked

I want you to understand how he moves more like a rook

very direct, straight lines to the parts of you that deter checkmate

your submission is the ultimate goal yet it is not the end of your fate

just the beginning towards running in the lanes of intensity

catching your breath from merely the thought of kissing me

ever enjoyed someone through your mind first, lack of physical entirely

developing the thought process within the sea of aromas

pheromones able to be tasted as if a sweet fruit, juicy and succulent

and they flow over our tongues, past our lips, and we continue

separate and so far from one another, yet controlled by closed eyes

blocking out the rest of the world, while living livid and vividly

within the shining glow of fantasy




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