Notebook Chronicles #34

Ignorance begets ignorance yet you wonder why we don’t thrive, who are you teaching while you spend your time condemning, take the time to mourn the image being presented by others and understand that a view that does not uplift tears down just the same. Whether some create the show of savages, it is not like that is a new view, even from the beginning, before we garnered a presence of our own. If you condemn those who need more growth than you, you might as well agree with those who rather put down the animals since you see no value in their lives just the same. Wasted talent is not to be taken lightly but should be held onto tightly so that they understand that love and appreciation of self is more important than some reputation that leads to missteps. We have always been the poor righteous teachers instead now we stand to be the rich and coveted preachers looking down upon others for being less of what we consider ideal. Feels familiar doesn’t it? To be looked down upon because of our skin, our education level, or simply because we are not from the great part of town yet now we do it just as much to each other as the ones who have always seen us as savage. Speak louder and speak life into those misguided generations before your own prejudice creates more apathy to genocide and character suicide.

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