Silent Conditions

Something I learned recently in more consistent events

memories of the past can sometime become very irrelevant

there are differences in the heart of how a moment is interpreted

something that matters the most to you, might mean less to them


Learning over recent events thinking of heavenly appeasement

Yet within these memories, I admit that you have one that stands out

the single and one and only time our lips met, yeah we kept it pretty quiet

I will throw out a few thoughts of truth that might have been held back


I have cared and loved you for years, your happiness was always key

to me you have been great beyond your years, I apologize that it has not been easy

yet I know you gain strength from the one above, and those that support you day-to-day

I am proud to say, that I still have just as much love for you today


Might not be the way you would think it is presented to you, yet in the present

I admit, I stepped away

there is a certain amount of pursuit that I knew I could not give you

distance being what it is and your heart being the treasured jewel


Just know you have never been far from my thoughts or my heart

would love to take our one time of bliss to something more

show you that you have always had someone love you without conditions, apart

from you and maybe even destiny, and you I will always adore


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