Mind of a Poet #3

All of my life I have always had a great deal to say

No One would really want to listen

but when they did

they were shocked and amazed

proud and impressed

and people listened to me for those brief moments

believed in every word I said and trusted in me

you have to wonder why.

Those who have never seen me, never been in the same room as me

but all at once are able to let their feelings out and open up

to me.

I had a friendship almost turn to relationship because

someone simply let themselves go when they were talking to me

what made them to that?

The newest woman in my life instantly felt

as if I was someone she could talk to about


What is that?

I have listened to many stories

heard many different episodes of life

and yet I can still recall so many of them, however

the people themselves no longer are around.

Maybe that is my true vibe, my true aura


A lot of people find it easy to vent towards me

at the drop of a dime

and maybe that is all I will ever be in this time.


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