Mind of a Poet #5

Pure and loving, this is the time to be myself

this is the time to live up to everything I was created for

this is the time to become that which is a perfect clef

music that is created to tell a tale of lore.

True and dedicated, I am even so in my dreams

I thought of another creeping inside is parasitic

takes over the part that should be there, and tears asunder the reams

of all that is better for me, for that which is simplistic

Choose or be chosen, which one is more successful

in impatience it is always easier to take what is given to you

when it is brilliant to notice that what is more meaningful

is to be chosen by someone who you have been shown to

pursue and believe in, the one you have been begging, pleading

and wishing to come along and become that perfection of love in a being.


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