Mind of a Poet #8

I wake up in the morning and I greet myself
thank God for another day and then greet myself
get out of my bed and then simply greet myself
I have been doing this for years on years, always with myself
Wanting and needing someone are too different things
A great deal of people love music, but not all people are meant to sing
There is a fine line between the realms of reality and your dreams
there are certain parts that can leave either one, but only certain things
you can take your fear with you everywhere you go
your fear can take hold of you and take you places you never wanted to go
your fear can hold on to you in the dead of the night, and show
you things that you never even believed existed, but now you know
So as I wake up every morning and I greet myself again and again
I miss my mother, miss being happy, miss having love, miss all those things, again and again.


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