Mind of a Poet #9

An apology to that which created me and brought me to where I stand
an apology that cannot be written down in parts on my hand
an apology that hopefully will re invite these parts back into a troubled world
a world clashing everyday with problems no one sees, but no one tries to observe
Do you know those who are fighting everyday
the true warriors of the field who don’t fully know what it means when peace stays
those that have no dreams, no fantasies, because it takes away their focus
not on a future, but on survival, living that way is sometimes hopeless
Blessed, grateful, peaceful is a luxury to the person I used to be
the person I used to be looked at these days as the day he would never see
Clarity, knowing what he wants to do, and attaining the comfort from a place
that he used to feel nothing from, not a single emotion, if only you could see his face.
However, no one can, no one knows him, no one even exists now, it is over
he has changed and no longer resides, which is great, a true apology, I always knew better.


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