Mind of a Poet #10

My reflection comes from the many times my mind is not occupied
the thoughts or busy work that I have to complete is menial
nothing that using any one of my talents, definitely leaves my brain nullified
open and free to browse through the parts of life I find congenial.
There are parts of destiny, better yet, let’s say this, we all have callings
some are religious, spiritual, and various other categories they could fall into
basically it all comes down to what your job is destined to be, the problem, involving
yourself into that which you are not ready for, maybe not fitted within, unlike your genu.
With the involvement, excuse me, non involvement of people within my life
destiny, becomes a part of fate, now is there a difference, all a matter of semantics
almost like caring for or about someone, just a subtle difference in words, and in type
of meaning because one might carry more feeling than the other, for use wisely, not frantic
If your ear is always to the wind, you should hear what you are meant to do, your task
in life to complete, what you are meant to accomplish, releasing yourself from your mask.


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