Mind of a Poet #13

Think about your love, are you being too much to someone who doesn’t even consider you
as a person they could even see as person of interest, do you force yourself to have feelings
because of your situation, or are your feelings true
in the end will you abandon your dreams, to stay true to what you were saying.
Love is being able to be there and let go, stay consistent and then sacrifice most of all
if you truly love someone enough, will you allow them to be happy being with you
and being without you, or are you that selfish that your involvement all revolve
your personal hopes and wants, things that you say are not really what you do.
You say one thing, then act out another thing, you wish to be one thing, but attempt
to say that you will be another one just for the sake of more time, more opportunity
your complete self doesn’t even realize the pain you are causing, you are exempt
from creating any harm because in your mind you are doing everything perfectly
to finally get what your selfish heart wants, are you willing to continue hurting the person
whom you say you adore and treasure, because your wants, not needs, are more important.


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