Mind of a Poet #17

Great winds of the world, come surround me in your soothing embrace

carry me far away from those that wish to hurt me and hold me closely to your heart

for years it has been you that has taken care of me, protecting me with your orders from above

He put you inside of my tale, just so that you can be my knight in shining armor.

For those that need rescue, look to what you know, what you can not see but what you can feel

I feel the presence of that one person who looks after me during all my days, when I am cold and sick

I gain my strength to continue from the world, the nature around me, the freezing wind slowly becomes

the comfort for my body and I no longer feel pain, not frostbite, but true healing from the wind.

Swift and fast, ever-changing and loving to those who wish to embrace it, I cannot change what I am

this name came as a tribute to a person who stays in nature, an archer, a ranger,

someone who’s best friend is one of the fiercest beast you could imagine or think of.

Could be a lynx, could be a tiger, a wolf, a bear, but the essence of being at one with

nature and the music it gives you, the name came instantly, and actually I still believe the

name portrays me, though I am not so fortunate to have the love of all those animals, I

would work to do so, I would love to do so.


Speaking of love, the greatest gift and the one that endures the longest, the strongest emotion of all.  It was love that gave us Christ, it was love that created us and has kept us here all these years.  Though some wish to fight my truth, fight what I am telling them because it is irrational, doesn’t appear to be real, and sometimes too much to be able to handle.  Everything is simple once broken down to its basic elements.  Simply, I need love.  I need the sweetest nectar someone can ever taste from, I need to feel those juices coursing throughout my body and feel the power it shall give me for what it is.  Somewhat sexual I know, but love is that as well as spiritual, divine, emotional, and beautiful.  The love I have to offer is powerful, for I am a strong person in all things I do, I pride myself in excelling in every endeavor I can, that is my oath as a gentleman, not for everyone, but for myself.  Loving my strengths, searching for my weaknesses, and always trying to better myself day by day.  Those that hear me say things about my life, my unhappiness, and all the things of that nature, come under the assumption that I do not love myself, I love myself as far as I can, but I could never be conceited or arrogant, just extremely confident in the wisdom I have gained.  I am modest, I don’t see myself as the most handsome man alive, I believe I can be attractive, but I feel as if I am not by what I am told and how I am treated.  What do I love about myself people may ask, I will tell you a great deal of things.  I love my devotion to friends, family, loved ones, people who just come and go in my life, I love the fact that I am a true person to who I am and who I wish to become.  I love that I am very creative in all ways, I have been musically and poetically adept for some years now, though, many people may not have experienced the musical side because it is presently only in voice, but that leads to another thing I love about myself.  I love that I am my mother’s son, and have the aptitude for music and the arts that I do.  I love that I am an educator without a degree, I love that people find me dependable, because I am dependable.  I love how people can instantly find themselves willing to trust me and talk to me, I love being trustworthy.  I love my love for music and nature, I love the way my body heals quickly from its wounds, I love the way my body defies me most of the time and does things that I cannot explain or even repeat in the pursuit of completion.  I love my personality, I am a fierce person, cold and blunt sometimes but that is only to show the truth, those who are near me know that I am a man centered around love.  I love my devotion and undying admiration for love.  I love the way that I love another person, though some of my characteristics may be the same as others, my love is different and every word I utter with love, is true and comes from the heart.  I love that I live by my heart.  I love that I have a great sense of humor, yes I am very deep, always thinking, and things of that sort, but I am actually quite funny if you allow me that opportunity.  I have a great sense of humor.  There are more things but I have already used a half a page on what I love about myself.  The love I can give is far more, they say you cannot be loved until you love yourself, and people misunderstand my qualms with my life for a non love for myself, that is not the case.  I am just tired of the pain that I live with.  I yearn for happiness and love more than anything else in this world, more than food, water, and shelter because with love, I would gain all of those and have everything that I have needed for years.  If I can say anything that I truly do not like about myself, is the struggle, sacrifices, and pain I had to endure to get to where I presently am, but with struggle comes true success.  If not, then your success is not truly gained until you know the pain.  I understand that I need love, and that I am meant to go through these painful times in need of that love but also gaining wisdom of myself and strength more and more.  Love, can be shown in many ways, but simple things are what matter the most.  Not flowers or candy just for the sake of them being what they are, but for true meaning, with true purpose and emotion behind them.  I try to make those who I love happy and comfortable, secure, make them know by simply feeling it, that if they ever need me or want me around, that I am always there for them.


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