Mind of a Poet #22

For you, I would risk my life and lay down my soul to ensure your safety and happiness. I would give my life for someone you care deeply for even if it is the love of your heart, not being me. You are my greatest friend and most treasured love even if you never feel the same. We may never be together but I’ve never been closer to feeling complete than when I was with you. I’ve held you only once and that experience is still worth more than any other in my entire life. For a few brief moments, I never wanted to breathe, move, or even think. Time slowed down and I promise that it felt so much longer than ever before. You squeezed me and didn’t let me go, I will never forget that. I have said these things to you before but knowing your feelings now proves to me that your love was shown to me the last time I saw you. My greatest memories of love are only of you. My happiest moments are of you. I wish I could hold you again. I wish you wanted me as an important person in your life. I wish I was one of your favorite people again. For you I would give my life, my dreams, my heart, my soul. For love, I would easily surrender it all. We shouldn’t just survive, we both should live, live and enjoy the gifts we have before us. You deserve all I know I can give you and all that I don’t even realize as well. For once, my needs and wants fully agree. My true submission comes from true love, with you and with God.


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