Mind of a Poet #23

And survival does not equate life, choice is to keep going, and enjoy the object of doing, the journey of men and mice, When instinct overrides thought, safety, security, consequence, none of them continue existence, all logic, reason are naught, If thoughts stop then pain, from the time attempting, rather doing the catching, up, down, karma flows like rain. Mostly cooling and flowing, justice is not always sweet, fluttering around your feet, step over those falling. Interesting because you live, I’m dying, what do you have to give? Selfishness hinders action, Those who know the problem, and the answer to solve them, rebuke the innate reaction. To realize your heart locked, shut away, not even yourself, can reach the top shelf, your mind is blocked. Survival becomes too familiar, something that comes by too easily, stays around persistently, always speaking to you in your ear. God create one, then along with that one came another, part of the first one but not a brother, and together those two ARE one. The institution of love, the completing of two people, it is always possible and able, to happen but it doesn’t fit as easy as a glove. Creation instituted two being together and assisting, one another through all parts of life, before marriage, love, creates the ability to help through pain, misery, grief, and strife, I wonder what we both are missing. My intensity is felt because of the honesty in my heart, the knowing of what I am missing, and what is right in front of me for my completing, within this situation is my missing part. No excuses or ramblings or reasons or things from the past, right here and right now and right when I saw you, that is what created it all, feelings that are true, even though you have left me and still are slightly gone, my feelings have always last. Prayers yes have been answered, fears have appeared, aggression shown, approached and your words I did hear, though I don’t want to see us continue towards a path we both have feared. Nothing instantly, not a drastic step past where we are and what you want to pursue, that which we both want even in the back of our minds, is well worth the risk, in your life and mine, maybe before things have been difficult, this is simple and I promise neither of us will lose. No this is not a plea, but a word to both of our minds, not even close to being a try, to make you believe in me. I understand you more than you believe, I have experienced your trials, your ups and downs and all those in between, I’m not here to beguile, or fool you into trusting and granting me audience, my queen. These are words for the both of us, from my mind, my heart, my soul and my being, of course truth is all in perceiving, I hope that all of this hasn’t been too upsetting, just my inspiration finally arrived again, and I don’t plan on freely watching it leave me.


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