Mind of a Poet #24

If the stars could choose where they shone

and the rivers decide in which direction they flowed

the trees bow when they felt the need

the rain, sleet, and snow not touch one area

the tornado, hurricane, and tsunami avoid all family, friends, and homes

and the sun and moon give just enough light without discomfort,

they would do everything in their power, to make sure your world was always comfortable

for you.

All the insects, birds, and creatures of nature would create environments simply to please

your eyes.

If the world could speak, it would send you praises of adoration and love every day

If I could speak enough words to even convey my feelings, I would

transcribe them and make a room

on the walls, painted as a living masterpiece would be all my praises of you

from your hair, to your toes, from your mind, to your soul

a room full of compliments, encasing you with my love.

If I could step foot into the only door that matters

the one door that I want to open and never close

tightly concealed inside of its precious walls

an inner sanctum of pure perfection

I would cry, joy nor happiness could be contained

fear and doubt washed away with each tear

never would I leave that peace

to go elsewhere and find nothing that could compare

always wondering

no longer about the sanctity of my heart, no longer in my care

relinquished to only you

never anyone else

a living dream that never ends

for once our journey begins

our imagination will come to terms with reality

I pledge to fulfill every desire

every fantasy

every dream

and create more and more

and complete them

in our love, we will part seas

withstand the harshest conditions

never falter or fail

blessed by our creator and our savior

I will never fail you.

I say this to you

my friend

out of trust, respect, and undying admiration.

The union between us

is powerful, undying, and stands the trials and tests

we are magnificent

you are flawless

My diamond of my heart.


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