Mind of a Poet #25

It is within our parents wisdom

that we find ourselves

that we learn what we wish to become and what we wish not to become

but do we take what they called


and shun them away from our life as well.

In doing so, we discredit our own creation

for things do not always go towards what we say we want

but towards a higher plan.

If we were not to depend on someone because a parent did so,

would they have acquired the love they have now

to procreate us.

If their guard had not of been down

and willing accepted this other person

as a caregiver, but most importantly

a love.

Would our existence be that of what it is now

Think in your mind, if you would change your past

you could ruin your future

and destroy your present.

Provocative, not really, simplistic indeed

If my mother was alive, I would not be typing this

the experiences I have would never have occurred

my trials would not have been the same

my strength would be diminished

my love, my soul, my understanding, my passions

all of that which makes up me would be gone with

one defining moment.

That which we go through and directly affects our lives

is fate

we control our destiny by determining what we do from then on

some things are inevitable

such as pain

we are not guaranteed to suffer, to feel anguish continuously

confusion, despair, and most of all


Those are not promised to us, the same as the next day

so why live by regrets?

When you regret, you wish to change the blessings already bestowed upon you

Do we really think of that when we say, I wish, I should have, or don’t ever…

We won’t live forever, mentally blocking decisions

situations that may arise, simply from borrowed fear,

is torture.  When we finally decide we want to break free

that becomes the hardest struggle.


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