Mind of a Poet #26

I want to write you a great love song

but lack the talent to produce it

I want to sing the most beautiful melody to you

but lack the ability to create it

I want to show you how beautiful you are in my eyes

but lack the way to show it

I want to bestow upon you all that I feel inside

but lack the expression to captivate it

I want you to know that I am true and so is my heart

but lack the manner in which to assure you of it

As I wake up

each different morning, I work on my petitions

to the birds and bees

to create the song of love for you to hear outside your window

as you walk outside

and before you sleep at night

I plead to the wind

to give you the melody within it’s breeze

allow it to flow around you, lift you up, and carry you

I consult nature

the trees, animals, and land alike

in creating a portrayal of your likeness

a beautiful showing for the whole world to see

as well as you.

I speak to the moon

discuss giving you the radiant shine that only it owns

requisitioning it to share it to only you

only allow your glow in the moonlight

I beg of God

to lend me his eyes for a brief moment

allow me to borrow his voice for only a second

grant me the renowned privilege

to carry his heart for a whisper of  a breath

so that

you would hear, see, and feel

everything that I confess to him

every waking second, minute, and hour

since I first fell in love with you.


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