Mind of a Poet #27

I could very possibly be wrong about this and be out of line, but I can’t help but want to look at you when you are around.  It is in my blood to observe, I guess, I have been raised all the time to look and dare not to touch.  I mean no disrespect, but why don’t you smile?  Why don’t you share the radiance you bring to the world, why don’t you light up the room to the point to where everyone needs sunglasses to even open their eyes?  Your glow, your aura is as bright as the sun, and maybe you don’t realize it but you are the essence of what men truly want.  After all the childish nonsense, the promiscuous attitudes, and the thoughts of sovereignty, you are the epitome of what men need in this world.  A woman who is as important to his life as the bones in his chest, as the blood flowing through his veins, as the heart he needs to keep beating day by day, he needs a woman like you by his side.  I would be lying to myself and lying to you to say that I don’t wish I could be the man for you, but as I stated before, sometimes I am more of an observer than anything else.  I am a poet, I speak the truth of what I see and perceive, but I am also too reserved to speak up vocally to express what I see, initially.  For my testimony, I wake up in the morning, dreading the day that lies ahead of me, and then I see you, and my day completely changes for the better, even though you never speak, I rarely hear that angelic voice of yours or even see that heavenly smile of yours, I still find my day completely brightened just by the thoughts of you.  You are the most beautiful woman I see day to day, and that alone is enough to carry me on through hours of pain.  So as I said, I could be completely out of line and should not be speaking a word of this to you, I should not be saying a word of this to you or to anyone else, but maybe sometimes, you have to break the rules in order to show the appreciation someone actually needs.  I apologize if you catch me looking and then turning away from your eyes, or if you see me intensively looking upon you, but without a smile or frown or any facial expression, I am relishing in the blessing I have of being in the same room with you.  I apologize if I make you feel as if I want to say something and it never comes out of my mouth, I am shy, and not as overly confident in myself as most men in my generation are.  No, not saying I have no confidence at all, but I assure you, I am a great man, just as with all things we want in this world, I am held by back that four letter word that we all love to hate: fear.  So while you may feel, I am out of line for sending these words to you, in the fashion in which I do, in the way in which I speak, but I am poetry.  I live it, breathe it, eat it, and sing it day to day through my life.  If you must give me a name, since I will not reveal that to you, I will give you my description.  When you walk outside, and you feel the wind flowing over your body, cooling down your temperature, comforting you, relaxing you, and making your day a lot easier from the heat of the sun.  That is half of my essence.  When you hear the music flowing through the trees, the words that flow through the trees, the leaves, the grass, and all the creatures that live in nature, when you begin to hear the song of nature, then you are hearing the rest of my being.  I am a melodic breeze, a person constantly dying and being reborn in pure beauty of what God has created on this planet as his child Lazarus was brought back by Jesus, I am healed by the cold of the night, rocked and held by the moonlight and clouds, and given strength and energy by the glorious beams of the sun.  So if you must have a name for me, call me just that, a melodic breeze.


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