Right Here

Is it acceptable to you that my goals in life do not start with a career path but what is provided

provided to me by an occupation of my choosing where my worth is known and acceptance is shown

there is no college degree present here and that is a fact possibly set in stone, do you find that wrong?

am I less of an intellect or person whose mind you can respect knowing my expulsion from higher education, created a hunger subsided

my weight and form is not ideal, facial features not the most pristine, fashion sense for higher price commodities

completely nonexistent, for that is not who I ever aimed to be, I enjoy just being comfortable not looking to impress by the fee

the biggest piece of myself that comes to the table is my heart second only to my mind, if you believe my job, car, home, or status should be priority

then that solely tells me, right here with you, is where I need not be

2 thoughts on “Right Here

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  1. Speaking words that more people than you’d know, feel. This honestly is the type of person that I am attracted to. The simplest kind of human being. Very well said my friend.

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