As far as admiration goes it does not have to stem from the biggest house

the biggest bank account, the best credit, the most opportunistic of circumstances

sometimes it can come from the simplest pleasures that make life full and rich

value does not always come with a tag attached to it, giving the intangible some price

those pieces of life that make life so full, do not obtain a deductible

it is paid in the sweat and blood that has been shared together

the tears and laughs that were created for and by one another

and in those moments, it exceeds all expectations of what was originally intended

and that is what I share and hold for my brother and sister

to be in a place of comfort, place of purpose and tranquility

it holds my highest esteem

through growth comes respect, through respect comes power

and through power can come many things, yet when used properly

admiration and aspiration becomes some of the main focus

I am proud of the man you have become, through years of perseverance and resolve

I am proud of the woman you are now, and appreciate the side you have stood by

Thank you for your continued support, friendship, familial ties and love

It is more needed and desired than you know, and the moments in which it occurs

brings me immense pride and joy.


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