Starting Line

I think it will not come as a surprise that most of us hide

within our lies, without our truths, within the fears, not shared but refused

we always have that person we want to be, less grief, less strife

that person whom we feels has the most value and therefore the better life

you may know my battles and I may know some of yours

until we come together, the full story will always be unknown

but maybe this is just the acknowledgement of what should come to be

of what may come to be, maybe it is just me talking out loud my fantasy

through one solid year of true building, one stolen moment

then continuing forward with building more as time goes on

it is that honest commitment to endure and keep going that perseveres

where some believe the word “friend” just stands for meeting their own needs

it also should start with the race being ran both ways

whether you feel you are in the lead, rushing ahead of the others

or if it takes time to reach that finish line

dig in your heels, stay on your toes, make sure that you invest the most

in the start of all of the greatest moments in your life.


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