Before the year is through, usually by the unfortunate circumstance

I know the tale of the tape, this is the end of this page, there is no

anniversary date

and even if it comes and goes, it is not celebrated, because the hurt

has grown and grown

to the point to where the day goes by and we spend all the time

thinking about what went wrong, how it all changed, how it died long

ago and how much we wish we could revive it but no one makes a move so

it remains the empty shell of a love that once held

the hope for not only the family that our future selves enjoyed with happiness

but the family that our past selves always dreamed we would have with gladness

yet I do not believe in regrets, I believe in lessons that we are always supposed to get

the next entry into our journal of life, the next road sign on this path guided

by the light, I am still willing to try, always willing to fight

to one day have those moments of celebration in the night, in the day, happy to say

this is another year, this is another day, this is another anniversary


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