Top of the Ladder

Here is a truth of mine

I am not perfect


let me repeat that line

I am not perfect, it will not change in time

I will always make mistakes, I will always be flawed

I will always be human, and I will continue to fall

then I will continue to rise, I will continue to grow

I will continue to think, I will continue to know

that this planet is just the beginning and there is much more to come

I will always be that man who tries his best to make sure my effort is maximum

and that all I could do has been done

I apologize to all those I have hurt

in selfish pursuits of completion and admiration

when it comes to the now and present

my main goal is happiness and imagination

to wake up each day joyous for the new turn of events

to wake up each day prosperous and continuing to grow and invent

invent new ways for life to be enjoyed whether alone or in company

I do have wishes and dreams, I do still live in a world of fantasy

with my eyes wide open I see the optimistic visions of my future

with my eyes closed, I dream of enticing moments and encounters

yet I stay true to life the same as these keys click under my fingers

I am not the perfect man, nor will I ever be, but that does not mean I am not a contender


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