Deeper Sleep

My brain goes to so many different places

my soul is that one passenger being dragged along

within moments of closing my eyes I am in a new place

new settings, new environments, and here are new people

and voices and conversations to hear and be a part of

within these realms, it feels as if I still have life left

love left

there may be a great one there for me

but when I open my eyes, I am thrown away

the problem for supposedly speaking up too late

although the conversation was brought up time and time again

this time it is a negative reaction that I act as a gentleman

in the end of it all, my tombstone will read

“He spoke a great amount of words and wisdom, yet was not understood indeed”

even those who once called me a great friend change the melody of that tune

because when it comes to their interest in my life

it is the reverse of a balloon

instead of filling me up with the air, they let it all out

the same encouragement becomes doubt

and the same things to create the negative connotation on me

are not directed upon themselves evenly

so again in this life, I remain

unknown and unrecognized

and blessed to still be sane.


2 thoughts on “Deeper Sleep

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  1. Very, very well said. I actually felt like this was me at one point in my life at a time when I felt I couldn’t do anything right, always letting me friends and loved ones down. Feeling like even they couldn’t find soothing words of encouragement or praise for me. This poem is how I remember feeling at that time.

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